Thursday, August 9, 2012

Louis beside himself.

By: Anna Fienberg
Genre: Humour
Location FIC FIE

The night of PERIL and everything happened after that...

Humour genre books kind of make me wince, I like humour crafted by words more than by plot- but I know some of you love this kind of genre, the dude who demeans himself and always ends up in situations  where he has to prove his incapability... That is Louis!
Louis's best mates, Singo and Hassan, are into basketball and skateboarding, and his dad is into arm-wrestling. Dad wants to build Louis up with wrestling moves like the Walls of Jericho or the Five Star Frog Splash, but Louis is better at flexing words than flexing his muscles. This summer Louis is put to the test, starting with the Phenomenon of the broken mirror, leading to the Paralysing burglar incident, and finally the night when he comes face to face with Peril. It's a larger-than-life week when the friends hide a runaway girl named Cordelia in the backyard tent, Dad falls for Doreen, and Louis tries the Top Roll Move on a big burly burglar.

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