Thursday, August 2, 2012

Between the lines

By: Jodi Picoult and Samantha van Leer

                       Location: FIC PIC
                      Genre:  Modern Fairy stories with a bit of love and handsomeness.

Between the LinesI was in Singapore airport awaiting the looooong flight back home to New Zealand with my good friend Alex. We were over movies on flights- you get that when you fly to the bottom of the earth, it takes a long time. Alex is a student at school and she is a real booky, this is an honourable compliment. So we decided to both buy a book and she chose this one- we were very excited because it was not out in New Zealand yet. Alex had not been a fan of Picoult so this was a risk, but it paid off, she loved this story and by the time we were landing in New Zealand, she had fully entrenched herself in the plot. It is now a treasured book- bought in foreign soil to remind her of a journey to India, that was life changing. There was even a handsome lad called Johnny... a fairytale prince, but he was only left to dream and for him there was no happy ever after.
This book is all about fairy tales, it is like Princess Bride I guess, a modern story with villains, castles, a hot prince and the other thing about this book- it is stunning. It is illustrated with cool sketches, the font is coloured and it is a real treasure, a keeper- not like poor Johnny.
Apart from this being a great story, beautifully presented, by a universal best seller, it also has a nice touch, it is also by written By Samantha Van Leer-  Jodi Picoults daughter, and I hope this duo continue to sit at the dinner table and dream up more yarns, to make our long haul flights enjoyable.


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    1. Somehow I feel that our 'poor Johnny' will be doing just fine without me! Although perhaps a little bemused by the fact that a foreign girl waved madly to him from the inside of a bus filled with old people at a truck stop in the middle of India.
      Maybe he should write his own fairy tale..?