Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Artemis Fowl and the Last Guardian

By: Eoin Colfer
Location: FIC COL
Genre:Irish Criminal Mastermind who is better than James Bond- with Fairies ( well how else do you genre Artemis?)

When my son was playing rep hockey for Waikato we used to travel a lot to different turfs. Ty is dyslexic and incredibly smart with amazing language and he really missed out when his mates and bookworm brother discussed the books they were reading. It was a hurdle to big for Ty. So I decided to redeem the time we sat in the car and got audio books. We had a big tournament in Napier- about four hours drive away and the whole way over we were transfixed by Artemis and his shenanigans. On that road trip I became a fan- and my son could talk about this book with all his mates and devise weapons of elfish destruction with them, and plot the sequel.
Now we are up to the last installment and it is dedicated to " All the Fowl fans  who journeyed to the Lower Elements".
I wonder if Ty plotted the end of Artemis, the Armageddon, the zombie theme, the mass destruction....

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