Monday, August 27, 2012

Piri- Straight Up

By: Piri Weepu  and Heather Kidd
Location: 920 WEE
Genre: Rugby

I love rugby, I am a big fan, Crusaders, All Blacks an if I have too- the Chiefs. I watched the Rugby World Cup semi final in Ghana and the final in Capetown. I think it is deeply connected to my pride of being a New Zealander, the Haka, the Silver Fern, Saturday morning bare footed rugby played by our young wee men who are  six or seven but think they are the All Blacks and families gathering around the TV, drink ,chips and dip, kids in pj's all cheering on our team. Rugby optimises the kiwi spirit, roll your sleeves up, work hard, don't give up, togetherness and being proud of who you are. My first memory is out in the back paddock by the swamp, Dads transistor radio on full blast while we were fencing the paddock off, dodging the pukeko's. It was against Australia and we won, Dad was a happy man.
Piri to me is a great representation of the All Blacks, he never gives up, he is determined, fun loving, he takes the knocks and stays loyal, he is the greatest Haka leader the All Blacks have ever had, yet he grew up in a humble home, a typical suburb boy who was given the gift of sportsmanship and grabbed it with both hands.
Piri will be an All Black legend, his exploits in last years world cup will ensure that, his story will make you like the man even more.

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